Learn all about sustainability, conservation of resources, environmental performance assessment, environmental labels and building certification

To the Environmental Brochure

We achieve transparency througha reliable database and industry-leading advisors.The use of our products for a sustainably certified building should be as easy as possible.

To help you build with confidence, we've summarized all environmentally relevant data in our EPDs below.

Sustainability Reports

We take our responsibilities seriously! Learn all about our sustainability performance.

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What is an EPD?

EPD stands for "Environmental Product Declaration" which contain all environmentally material information:

  • Product descriptions
  • Certificates & test reports of product characteristics
  • Components Manufacturing processes
  • Environmental Performance Assessment
  • Resource management Information
  • Waste Information

What is the purpose of an EPD?

Environmental Product Declarations enable builders, architects, and fabricators to determine the environmental impact of materials.

EPDs provide more clarity and control when comparing different products and building methods.