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  • Modern and bright place that inspires for socializing.
    Decors H3303 ST10 & U963 ST9 : Bistro | EGGER

    Cosy place in historical surroundings

    Where residential and commercial buildings are to be built, Bistro Muzz is a welcome stopover.

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  • The Vicenza Oak decor was used throughout the house in various areas and applications.
    Decor H3157 Vicenca Oak, U999 black: Mansion | EGGER

    The facets of contemporary naturalness

    An all-rounder that meets all requirements.

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  • Decor H1180 ST37 was used for the new storage furniture of the Bosch office premises. © photo by Jakub Misík, Author of the design: 3D Architects
    Decors H1180, U850, U899: Office premises | EGGER

    Office premises not just for work but also relaxation

    The construction of office furniture, was completed within 8 months and included the delivery of the furniture for the entire technology centre.

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  • A black environment – especially in the kitchen – reflects a cosy den of retreat.
    PerfectSense Matt surfaces in U999 Black: Kitchen | EGGER

    Anything but colourless

    A cooking experience all in black

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  • The large and bright entrance hall is particularly inviting.
    Decors U608, U540, F784 and U608: School | EGGER

    Much generosity for the new school in Kotten

    A project that emphasises lightness, calm and brightness

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  • The small show apartment was almost entirely realised in Natural Corbridge Oak.
    Oak Decors H3395 and H1137: Apartment | EGGER

    Modern minimalism

    The use of H3395 ST12 Natural Corbridge Oak underlines the minimalist thinking of the architects.

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  • The tables in the decor H3303 Natural Hamilton Oak go together perfectly with the natural elements in the dining room.
    Decors F094, H3303, W1000 and U999: School/Kindergarten | EGGER

    A modern school and kindergarten at the chateau

    The transformation of the chateau in Hostavice has given both the modern school and kindergarten an unusual degree of lightness and elegance.

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  • A purposefully designed house with a dominant kitchen in which wood and industrial elements create an attractive impression.
    PerfectSense Matt panels with H1180 and W1100: Kitchen | EGGER

    A modern kitchen with the distinctive and timeless combination of white and wood

    A spacious kitchen rendered in a minimalist, natural style with natural materials never gets old.

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  • Thanks to the matt laminate PerfectSense Topmatt, the meeting points are robust and stylish.
    U999 black, W1100 white and U321 China red: Bank branch | EGGER

    SmartLAB: Sparkasse with a modern room concept

    The future of banking in a new design

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  • The new Forum building at the Unterradlberg site was completed this summer.
    Modular construction with OSB4TOP: Office building | EGGER

    Modular building with a format

    The new Forum in Unterradlberg was completed this summer. The building was constructed similar to the headquarters in St. Johann.

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  • U999 PM Black looks exceptionally good thanks to the warm light.
    PerfectSense Matt lacquered boards with edging: Hotel | EGGER

    The city hotel with a smooth, urban look

    Arty and relaxed living with 4-stars, combined with a modern interior

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  • The decors U732 and H3730 were used in the apartment.
    Laminates and worktop H3730 and U732 : Apartment | EGGER

    Combination of woodgrains and grey decors

    The apartment has a modern interior design and is located in the charming neighbourhood of Jeżyce in Poznán (PL).

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