Our OSB panels are suitable for various end uses, in accordance with national and international standards, as outlined here. All structural panels are produced according to valid certificates as evaluated by PFS TECO and European equivalent certifying body. 

The panels are suitable for use in structural timber construction and interior design,  in particular structural subflooring and sheathing. 

EGGER OSB panels have a 3-layer structure of flat, aligned wood strands (micro-veneers). The two outer layers are aligned parallel to the long edge of the board, while the middle layer is perpendicular to the long edge. This layer structure guarantees sound mechanical strength and dimensional stability. Our production uses mainly fresh conifer wood, a formaldehyde-free  glue system and paraffin wax. Flooring panels have a self-spacing tongue and groove profile along the edges at 2 sides or 4 sides.


  • Available in common foot or individual panel sizes, which allows for ceiling height construction, as well as economical and cut-optimized sheathing
  • Exceptional dimensional stability and accuracy of fit guarantee a fast installation progress.
  • Precise production and low dimensional tolerances ensure large areas can be laid at the correct angle.
  • Thanks to a printed and installation-friendly nailing pattern, EGGER OSB fastening can be completed quickly.
  • Large OSB panel sizes are available on request.
  • Our self-spacing, precise and asymmetrically-designed tongue and groove profile allows easy and quick installation, even in tight corners.