F637 ST10 White Chromix

Eurodekor TFL 8.5" x 11" x 19 mm, edge banded on 1 side


White Chromix creates an industrial concrete look, supplemented by the color white. In interior design, this look is perfect for large surface applications such as walls, while in furniture design, it is often used for cubic elements. The ST10 Deepskin Rough texture evokes the rough tactile character of concrete.

Decor is directionally bound.

The Interior Match decor concept includes EGGER flooring with matching decors and colours, as well as furniture and interior design products. F637 ST10 has the same decor as the laminate flooring EPL168 from the EGGER PRO Flooring Collection 2021+.

Product information

Weight: 0.81 kg (1.79 lb)

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