H1292 ST19 Carbon Frozen Wood

Laminate 8.5" x 11" x 0.08 mm


The Frozen Wood decor series replicates the look and feel of stained wood with a modern, elegant pattern that includes narrow cathedrals and a smooth woodgrain structure. The soft and subtle image is brought to life, beautifully, by the matte-gloss wood character of the ST19 Deepskin Excellent texture. Carbon Frozen Wood combines dark gray with hints of chocolate to create this modern rendition of a dark neutral woodgrain. This color can replace black and will complement nicely with light to dark stone and woodgrain colors. Frozen Wood provides an ideal solution to replace solid colors in applications such as commercial and residential millwork and cabinetry, office furniture, closets and kitchens.

Product information

Weight: 0.08 kg (0.16 lb)

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