PerfectSense ® Lacquered Boards in Premium Matt

With enhanced surface properties, our PerfectSense Lacquered Boards offer more flexibility for your high-quality, high-end furniture and room concepts. These product improvements will now allow you to use our PerfectSense boards in horizontal applications for greater design freedom.

PerfectSense Premium

Discover enhanced surfaces:

Premium Matt

Durability that stands up to daily use

Micro-scratch resistant

Scratch resistant

Heat and moisture-resistant

PerfectSense Matt Lacquered Boards and Laminates

Our on-trend Premium Matt provides a tactile delight with its super-matte, velvety surface. The high-quality lacquered finish offers exceptional fingerprint-resistant properties for easy care. Our PerfectSense laminates are available to match all Premium Matt lacquered boards.

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In Perfect Harmony

PerfectSense Premium Lacquered MDF Matt is visually striking and posesses a super-matte, velvety-soft feel. The UV lacquered enhanced surface properties provide micro-scratch, scratch and fingerprint resistance for flexibility of use in vertical and low-stress horizontal applications such as desks, countertops and shelves. Matching laminates, plus matching and accent edge banding are also available to complete the look.

PerfectSense Lacquered Particleboard Matt, the newest complement to our UV lacquered PerfectSense product range, delivers a fingerprint-resistant matte finishon a particleboard core. This high-end, yet cost-effective option is ideal for vertical applications, such as cabinet frames. Pair with matching PerfectSense Premium Lacquered MDF Matt boards, laminates and edge banding for seamless looks.

Matching laminates & edge banding for harmonious design

For your continuous matt designs, you can get matching ABS edging for all PerfectSense Lacquered Boards in Premium Matt. For the implementation of continuous room and decor concepts, you can also find the matching laminate from us.

PerfectSense Premium Lacquered MDF Matt
PerfectSense Lacquered Particleboard Matt
PerfectSense Matt Edging
Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Color-matching decor selections are only possible on the original sample.