• Available in common foot or individual panel sizes, which allows for ceiling height construction, as well as economical and cut-optimized sheathing
  • Exceptional dimensional stability and accuracy of fit guarantee a fast installation progress.
  • Precise production and low dimensional tolerances ensure large areas can be laid at the correct angle.
  • Thanks to a printed and installation-friendly nailing pattern, EGGER OSB fastening can be completed quickly.
  • Large OSB panel sizes are available on request.
  • Our self-spacing, precise and asymmetrically-designed tongue and groove profile allows easy and quick installation, even in tight corners.

Structural Flooring

  • Best performance in swelling and dimensional stability
  • Low deflection under load because of high panel strength and stiffness
  • Easy to lay through asymmetric and accurately milled profile
  • Self spacing tongue and groove profile avoids squeaking floor problems
  • Low-emission, no added formaldehyde (NAF)
  • Ships with protective side covers and foil
  • Produced from sustainably managed forests