Forests are water reservoirs, ensure biodiversity, serve for recreation and provide the natural resource wood. To ensure this, they must be managed as sustainably as possible. We are committed to promoting sustainable forestry and conserving natural resources.

We protect the climate and natural resources by purchasing wood as regionally as possible in the immediate vicinity of our plants and by using recycled wood and sawmill by-products.

Sustainability Reports

Further details on our sustainability management and the achievement of our strategic goals for sustainable procurement can be found in our sustainability report.

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If we need fresh wood for our production, we prefer to purchase regional wood from certified forests.

In this way we make sure that the management practices of a certified forestry operation meet theminimum requirements of national forestry laws and the requirements of the respective certification system.

As part of our EGGER due diligence system, we ensure compliance with legal and social standards in our supply chains. This due diligence system is certified according to recognised supply chain standards.

Compliance with the legally prescribed due diligence at EGGER is audited by recognised monitoring companies and confirmed accordingly.

EGGER sourcing sustainable wood

If you see this symbol, you can be sure of sustainable wood procurement and forest management.

We create transparency with our manufacturer's declaration on the sustainable procurement of wood (VRG270). The sustainability values listed in it have been verified by a third party via the new ISO 38200.