Watch our short film to see how our employees are connected across the world

On Saturday 18th December 1961, we produced the first EGGER chipboard panel in St.Johann in Tirol (AT). 60 years later, and by following the wise words of our founder, Fritz Egger Senior, who said "Wood is far too valuable to throw it away", our guiding principle remains, To Create More from Wood.

Our family owned company has developed from a small Tyrolean sawmill to a leading international manufacturer of wood based materials.

How we stay connected

To mark the occasion of our 60th anniversary, we have produced a short film to show how our employees are connected across all 20 of our plants worldwide. We want to show how Roman from Poland is connected with Lance from the UK or Aude from France. What you will discover, is a common passion for the unique material of wood.

Our film features past and present employees, members of the Egger family and Group Management. You will hear why EGGER is special to them as they give personal accounts about their experience of being part of our successful, forward thinking company. They also look back at key milestones and glance towards to the future.

Watch our film to join in with our 60th anniversary celebrations.

Roman from Poland

"At EGGER we have something called the EGGER standard. It's the same quality worldwide. We can rely on this quality everywhere. Customers also feel that. I'm not selling only a product. I'm selling the quality, the design, the service and us as a company."

- Roman from Poland

"We have a great responsibility towards the environment. Environmental protection is very important to us."

- Aude from France

Aude from France