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OSB 3 Tongue and Groove

The EGGER OSB 3 with tongue and groove profiles are the typical panels for a wide range of applications. Designed as type OSB 3 according to EN 300, it has sound mechanical strength, stiffness and good durability in service class 2, even under temporarily humid ambient conditions. Their technical properties make them suitable for various applications.

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Advantages of the OSB 3 Tongue and Groove in application

  • Stable and accurate tongue and groove profile for easy and quick installation, for example as floating floors.
  • A closed, even and firm surface as well as low thickness swelling under the effect of moisture, suitable for the production of concrete shuttering formwork.
  • Suitable as transport packaging in the worldwide movement of goods thanks to certificates attesting to the product being pest-free (ISPM 15 standard) and relating to food safety.
  • The high dimensional stability, accuracy of fit as well as the high availability of different formats offer many possibilities for use in interior design, trade fair construction and shopfitting.
  • A raw density of at least 600 kg/m³ guaranteed by the declaration of performance. They can therefore be used in many standardised fire protection constructions without the need for further proof.
  • Our OSB 3 with a sanded surface are suitable for various decorative coatings.

OSB 3 boards with a tongue and groove profile in various thicknesses

The EGGER OSB 3 with tongue and groove profile is available in various formats and thicknesses. Please refer to our current delivery programme for detailed information.