With matt surfaces firmly on trend, our new PerfectSense Texture lacquered boards, with a chipboard core, offer a cost-effective, high-end look.

Designed for vertical applications, the PerfectSense Texture matt finish is warm and velvety to the touch, with anti-fingerprint and antibacterial properties.

The UK stock range of TM9 consists of ten popular decors including new on-trend greens and elegant greys.

PerfectSense Texture TM9 decors
PerfectSense Texture TM9 decors
PerfectSense Texture TM9 decors
PerfectSense Texture U604 TM9
PerfectSense Texture U780 TM9
PerfectSense Texture U750 TM9
PerfectSense Texture W1100 TM9


  • Antibacterial surface properties with ISO 22196 (-JIS Z 2801)
  • Velvety warm
  • Excimer technology


  • Texture TM9/ST2
  • Alternative Reverse Face Texture
    Dual face lacquered specification TM9 on request
  • Format 2800x2070mm
  • 18mm standard stock at HEX, thickness 8, 10, 12, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28mm available as MTO
  • Core board Eurospan E1E05 TSCA P2 CE

with PerfectSense Matt lacquer system

without PerfectSense Matt lacquer system

Product Structure

89% material from renewable resources 11% material from fossil resources

34% recycled material 37% by-products from the sawmill industry 29% fresh resources

69% regional wood origin

100% verified legal wood origin 61% of which certified

Discover the TM9 decors

Matching edging available from HEX - 23/1.0mm ABS.

Complementary laminate availability dependant on decor.

Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.