The Decorative Collection 24+ offers you more possibilities and solutions. Inspiring new introductions, popular decors, sustainable products, and a range of digital services. We provide everything to meet your design requirements, all from one source.

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Decor Introduction Pack

Experience new designs with our complimentary Decor Introduction Pack of 9 brand new finishes, hand picked by Design and Product Manager, Aimee Fletcher.

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Decor and material combinations

The EGGER decor and material combination

Thanks to our wide range of uni colours, woodgrains and material reproductions you can benefit from design freedom in your projects. With our decor and material combinations, there is no need to compromise on design or quality. Our collection is available on multiple core boards and laminate. In addition, we offer edging solutions that are tailored to the decor, texture and gloss level.

Time for digital services

Our Decorative Collection 24+ digital services offer you new opportunities and possibilities.

Our Collection swatch links to, the Decorative Collection app and the Virtual Design Studio. Our decor data provides the information required for customer meetings and project work. Our existing services have expanded, such as PIM data and the automated order and data exchange in the myEGGER login area.

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Decor advice with the Capsule concept

Immerse yourself in the Decorative Collection 24+, as presented through our innovative Capsule concept. Experience our new decors and get inspired.

Here are the Capsules

Time for the new generation of wood.

Wood is our most valuable resource. We manufacture a wide range of products for furniture and interior design, flooring as well as wood construction from natural renewable raw material. Our EcoFacts make the environmental performance of our products transparent, easy to understand and underline our promise: More from wood.

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Eurodekor, Laminate Flammex

Eurodekor, Laminate Flammex

Design and safety go hand in hand
Residence Beaux-Arts combines flats, a care hotel and a public restaurant under the concept of a boutique hotel.

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Eurodekor, Laminate

Eurodekor, Laminate

Harmonious transitions
In this open-plan living concept, dark slatted optics alternate with white and blue furniture, yet also create storage space.

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PerfectSense® Lacquered Chipboard TM28

PerfectSense® Lacquered Chipboard TM28

Matt-textured surfaces combine modernity and naturalness
The advantages of PerfectSense® lacquered boards are convincing in modern kitchen applications.

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Eurodekor H1145 Natural Bardolino Oak


Stylish restraint, maximum cosiness
Feel-good ambience in Scandinavian style

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Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.