OSB 4 TOP Straight Edge

Our Egger OSB 4 TOP has many properties that go beyond the OSB 4 standard of EN 300. The very high load-bearing capacity and stiffness, as well as the high moisture resistance and dimensional stability, offer a high degree of safety in all construction applications.

They have a 3-layer structure of flat aligned strands (micro-veneers). The two cover layers are aligned parallel to each other, the middle layer is perpendicular to them. This layer structure is the reason for the good mechanical strength properties.


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What makes the OSB 4 TOP from EGGER so special

Thanks to its first-class properties, EGGER OSB 4 TOP is the ideal panel for timber construction – whether in roofs, walls, ceilings or floors. The OSB 4 TOP offers reliable and durable real timber construction quality:
• stiffening,
• secure vapour barrier
• airtight level due to guaranteed minimum air permeability of ≤ 0.12 m³/(m²h) even for the highest requirements.

An overview of the advantages in application:

  • Available formats of up to 3.30m length allow ceiling height constructions and enable an economical and cut-optimized wall planking.
  • The EGGER OSB 4 TOP offers a hugher moisture resistance compared to OSB 3 which results in an improved dimensional stability. This leads to more safety on the construction site and in the building.

  • EGGER OSB 4 TOP with straight edges are produced in the thickness range from 12 to 25 mm with a guaranteed raw density of at least 620 kg/m3. As a result, they have a reduced burn-up rate and offer advantages in fire protection certification.
  • It goes without saying that we guarantee all properties through the comprehensive and meaningful CE declaration of performance (DoP) .

OSB 4 TOP is available in different thicknesses

The OSB 4 TOP is available in a wide range of formats and thicknesses. Please refer to our current delivery programme for information.