Our employees in the Production Department and the Technology & Maintenance Department are directly involved in the manufacturing process and ensure a smooth production sequence as they create EGGER’s high-quality materials.

Process optimization ensures that we can produce as efficiently and economically as possible. Our Quality Management employees then make sure that our products also fulfil the high expectations of our customers.


Our employees in Warehouse and Transport Management are true optimization experts. In an international company, the transport and storage of large quantities of goods is a daily challenge. This applies to both the internal flow of goods and the delivery of our products across the world.

Marketing & Sales

Employees in Marketing make sure that the EGGER brand reaches the North America market. Our sales force represents the direct interface with the customers, while Product Management ensures that EGGER offers the products and decors that fit the needs of our customers.

Finance & Administration

Our teams in the Finance, Information Technologies (IT) and Human Resources (HR) departments establish and maintain internal and external lines of communication between EGGER employees and with our customers. They also ensure timely and effective business transactions with our clients and vendors.


EGGER offers a paid, four-year apprenticeship program that allows students to earn an associate degree in the mechanical or electrical trades. A two-year production operator certificate program is also available. Apprentices enjoy full benefits during the program along with competitive pay. Upon graduation, apprentices have earned their degree or certificate with no debt, plus they are eligible for full time employment.