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Laminates are resistant, durable and easy to clean. Their multi-layered structure and the materials that are used guarantee high usability. Thanks to their postforming property, almost all decors are postformable. MED-certified laminates are available for use in shipbuilding.


  • Furniture fronts
  • Worktops and splashback panels
  • Tabletops and desktops
  • Door elements and wall claddings
  • Interior design for shops, trade fairs and ships


  • Resistant to wear, impact and scratches
  • Food-safe and hygienic
  • Worktop decors also available from 2,000 mm to 5,610 mm × 1,310 mm × 0.6 mm
  • Almost all decors suitable for postforming purposes (except high-gloss surfaces)
  • Wood reproductions as a cost-effective alternative to solid wood and veneer
  • Available in the coordinated set of decor and material combinations along with other EGGER products
  • Antibacterial surface property in accordance with ISO 22196 (=JIS Z 2801)


All shown decors are reproductions.

For detailed information on the mentioned product characteristics and their reference to standards, please refer to the technical data sheets in the download area.