Floating installation with the CLIC it! installation system

Our detailed installation instructions and videos show you how to install our flooring. In these step by step instructions for our flooring click systems CLICK it!, we tell you how to install our flooring and what you must take into account when doing so.

In what ways can you install flooring?

In general there are two different ways of installing an EGGER floor. The installation method is based on the flooring type, the flooring composition and the application area, in other words the space where the flooring is being installed. You can install all EGGER flooring in both residential and commercial areas as a floating installation. Alternatively, the moisture-resistant Aqua+ laminate flooring and our Design flooring can also be glued over the full surface. Please take note of the information on the product packaging and the insert.

Floating installation:

With this type of flooring installation, nothing is glued or screwed down. The individual flooringboards are simply connected together with the help of our flooring click system.
The flooring rests on the subfloor without a firm bond and can move freely. This is why we talk about “floating installation” here. Thanks to the EGGER flooring click systems, a floating installation is simple, quick and flexible.

Full-surface gluing:

In the case of full-surface gluing, the flooring is bonded with the subfloor using adhesive. The individual floor boards are firstly connected together with our UNI fit! flooring click system and then placed individually into the adhesive bed and pressed down. Full-surface gluing improves the ambient noise and walking comfort and is particularly suitable for installations over a large area .

Installing EGGER flooring

Here you can find an overview of which flooring click system you can use to install our three types of flooring (Laminate flooring and Design flooring).

Flooring click system
Installation method
Installation instruction
Laminate flooring CLIC it! floating Installation instructions (PDF)
Laminate flooring Aqua+ CLIC it! floating/glued Installation instructions (PDF)
Design flooring GreenTec CLIC it! floating/glued Installation instructions (PDF)

Floating installation with the CLICK it! installation system

CLIC it! installation system

  • CLIC it! is a flooring installation system, which you can angle or tap at the header side.
  • The system is multifunctional and saves time during installation because more than one person can work simultaneously.
  • The flooring installation is done element by element resulting in a stable surface.
  • You thereby achieve an excellent surface stability.
  • The flooring can be used immediately after floating installation.

Our installation video about floating installation with CLICK it!

Installing EGGER Design Flooring with CLICK it!

Installing flooring on the wall

Installing flooring on the wall for creative interior design.

Installation of skirtings boards

Installation of skirtings boards

Our video about installation of skirting boards

Installing skirting boards

More information about flooring installation:

Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.