Data Protection UK and Ireland FAQs

How can I opt out or unsubscribe from marketing communications?

You can opt out or unsubscribe from marketing communications by going onto your myEGGER account or by using the unsubscribe option in the footer of our emails. You can also ask your EGGER sales representative to do this for you.

How does EGGER obtain consent to collect and process personal data?

As a B2B business we work by legitimate interest principles, or direct consent, to collect and process your personal data. Our criteria is listed below:

- You are an ‘established customer’, which means either you are connected to a buying account that has been invoiced by EGGER in the last 12 months, or you have ordered an EGGER sample or tool in the last 12 months

- You have previously provided consent (single or double opt-in) to receive marketing communications

- You have previously provided consent to an EGGER sales representative to tick marketing permissions on your behalf

How long does EGGER retain my personal data?

If you meet the ‘established customer’ criteria, your data will be automatically deleted after 12 months if no further contact has been made.

If you have registered online or provided marketing permissions via an EGGER representative you can change your marketing preferences through myEGGER, or in the link at the bottom of our emails, at any time.

After three years all inactive accounts are cleansed from our database.

Who can I contact if I have concerns about my data privacy or wish to file a complaint?

If you have any queries about how your data is used, stored or collected, or any general data protection enquiries you can contact us directly at

All enquiries and complaints received are handled in the first instance by the corporate compliance department and subsequently sent to the responsible person within EGGER.

What personal information does EGGER collect and why?

EGGER collects name, company, address, telephone, email, profession and product interests from customers, business partners and potential clients.

The purpose of collecting this information is so we can communicate with our ‘established customers’, potential customers and other business contacts about our products, services and other marketing topics.

Does EGGER share with or sell any personal information to third parties?

EGGER guarantees that personal data will not be shared with or sold to any third parties.

What rights do I have regarding my data?

You have the right to receive information free of charge at any time, regarding the origin, recipient, and purpose of your stored personal data.

You have the right to request the correction or deletion of this data. If you have given your consent to data processing, you can revoke this consent at any time in the future.

You also have the right to request restrictions on the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances.

Please log any requests with our compliance team at

Telephone Recording FAQs

We record most of our incoming and outgoing telephone calls within our Customer Experience Team and Product Support Team. We do this for quality and training purposes, and to help with managing complaints and investigations. If you would prefer not to be recorded, please contact us.

Call recordings are held for six months and are then deleted. The management and storage of call recordings adheres to our data policy.

For further information please our frequently asked questions

Which calls does this refer to?

We record most of our incoming external telephone calls that are received by our Customer Experience Team and Product Support Team.

Why are calls recorded?

The purpose of call recording is to support improvements to our service delivery to customer and suppliers. Call recordings will be used for quality and training purposes, complaints management and resolution.

How will call recordings be used?

Quality and training: access to call recordings helps us identify good practice and areas for staff development, and consequently will be integrated into our internal training. Listening to sample calls and anonymised transcripts supports this.

Complaints and investigations: in the event of a complaint or dispute, a call recording (if available), may provide additional information to help us investigate any allegations. A recording may become a vital piece of evidence in such event .

How have we informed our customers that we record calls?

We have updated our local privacy policy and our Data Protection Statement on our website.

Customers/suppliers who call our Customer Experience Team and Product Support Team will hear a recorded message to inform them they are being recorded.

How do we manage call data and protect call recordings?

We comply with legislative requirements and work within the company’s policy regarding data protection and information security.

We use a cloud-based platform called Zendesk to store recorded telephone calls and they have provided assurances regarding the security of the recorded data for the period it is held. Call recordings are retained for six months after which they are deleted. Access to call recordings is strictly limited and managed.

Contact us

Should you have any concerns or comments about how your data is being used, please contact us