With style only one thing matters. Your style. Interior design styles are individual. Regardless of the environment in which you feel most comfortable living and working, you will find the right flooring with us. Let our styles inspire you.

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Future Retro
Pure Nature
Light Urban
Perfect Imperfection

Future Retro. The combination of past and future.

In the rapidly changing world of digitalisation, there is still a yearning for old and trusted values and timeless classics. Modern interpretations of natural textures such as marble, terrazzo and walnut characterise the design by combining past and future influences to create a stylish look.

Pure Nature. Back to nature.

The more technology finds its way into our lives, the more we feel the desire for original materials. Oak continues to be a popular trend in woodgrain decors. Whether with natural grains or authentic characteristics such as cracks and knots, it continues to prove its popularity in design and provides exciting contrasts when combined with complementary decors.

Light Urban. Urban design charm.

Living and office spaces are becoming more open, the transitions more fluid. Small living spaces should not only be practical but designed in a minimalist way. Influenced by Scandinavian design, materials such as wood, stone and metal form the link with urban charm creating the style Light Urban.

Perfect Imperfection. Perfection meets emotion.

Perfection can be easily achieved with the help of the latest technology, but this is not always desirable in design. Irregularities and imperfections, such as cracks and weathered materials, convey a natural appearance and invoke emotion. The heavy used look or industrial style, in combination with very calm and straight-lined designs, creates the style Perfect Imperfection.

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Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.