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Wood packing crates

Thanks to ...
... good stability features,
... their simple processing,
... resistance to damage, as well as their dimensional stability our OSB 3 are an ideal material for packaging.

Whether as reusable transport boxes, as one-way packaging for domestic transport or overseas shipping, the EGGER OSB 3 are an excellent packaging material coming with numerous certificates and permits.

The advantages of EGGER OSB 3 compared to 3-layer plywood

When using EGGER OSB 3 for packaging you benefit from various advantages in quality and strength compared to common 3-layer plywood.
(Source: BFSV, Test Report No. 4887/02)

Full-surface compression load at delivery
Full-surface compression load after 4 weeks outside storage

More than well packed – export packaging ISPM 15

Wood must be treated by appropriate measures if it is to be used as packaging material in international trade (export packaging). The aim is to reduce the risk spreading harmful organisms.

The guidelines for export packaging are obvious. OSB 3 from EGGER are characterised by being pest-free due to the temperatures reached during the production process. Therefore, no further treatment for pest control is required. The ISPM 15 requirements are fulfilled.

In addition, the EGGER OSB 3 is tested in regards to food-grade criterias and it is also resistant to Sirex wasp attacks. The proofs regarding food safety and the IPPC- ISPM 15 standard can be found in the download area.