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Featuring EGGER P5 at the core, EGGER Protect boards are finished with a hard-wearing, anti-slip surface on both the top and underside of the board which offers protection against moisture ingress caused by inclement weather throughout the build and long-term protection against leaking pipes once construction works have completed.

Once fully fitted following one of our recommended installation methods, the boards can be left exposed to the elements for up to 60 days throughout the construction period.

Produced using locally sourced timber and recycled materials, EGGER Protect boards provide a sustainable solution to your structural flooring needs. Once the board's service life has come to an end, the boards can be easily recycled using our waste-wood recycling service, EGGER Timberpak.

Simply fit your boards using EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive and one of our two recommended methods of installation, depending on the project requirements and benefit from our unique Lifetime Guarantee.

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Thickness Board Size Boards/Pack18 mm2400 x 600 mm80 boards22 mm2400 x 600 mm64 boards


  • Ideal for use in domestic flooring, refurbishments, renovations and new-build projects, as well as modular and timber frame constructions.
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems.
  • The only structural flooring board we recommend tiling directly onto using a flexible tiling adhesive.
  • Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, loft and basement conversions where there is an increased risk of exposure to moisture throughout the life of the build.


  • Thermally bonded surface on both sides which protects the boards against moisture ingress during the construction period, and throughout the life of board of the structure into which it is incorporated into.
  • When correctly laid using a recommended installation method from the EGGER Advanced Fitting Guide, the boards can be left exposed to the elements for up to 60 days during the construction period.
  • Tested in accordance with BS 7976-2, the boards are classified as low slip potential in accordance with HSE guidelines.
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN 13986, EGGER Protect boards can be fitted in light rain conditions.
  • The robust and hard wearing surface protects against wear and tear of heavy site traffic.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN312.
  • A confirmed fire resistance of 30 minutes, tested in accordance with BS EN 1365-2:2014.

EGGER Protect 60 Days

EGGER Protect boards are weather resistant for up to 60 days, so you can be sure they will remain intact from any moisture ingress and survive whatever the weather.
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