EGGER OSB HDX is a 30mm heavy duty, load bearing OSB panel for areas where previously 38mm chipboard would be used. With a board size of 2400 x 675, EGGER OSB HDX is 11% wider than 38mm chipboard yet still up to 20% lighter meaning boards are easier to manoeuvre and quicker to lay.


  • Ideal solution for mezzanine flooring, racking, shelving, working platforms and decking.
  • Simple, easy solution that technically outperforms a 38mm chipboard equivalent.
  • Perfect for use in warehouses and for industrial/commercial floors


  • 11% wider and up to 20% lighter than 38mm chipboard panels
  • Less likely than 38mm P6 to pick up moisture
  • Stronger and stiffer
  • Higher point loads and UDLs
  • Quicker and easier to lay
  • Features a sanded surface

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