Timberpak Ltd has announced a significant investment into Pearce Recycling Company Ltd, securing the relationship between two of the biggest names in UK wood and waste recycling.

On Wednesday 1st November 2023 Timberpak Ltd acquired a 50% share in the holding of Pearce Recycling Company Ltd. The significant investment follows a long-standing relationship between the two companies, which included the successful launch of Timberpak Pearce Ltd in 2016.

The acquisition will lead to an increase in the amount of recycled wood processed at the site up to 100,000 tonnes per year, and will broaden Timberpak Ltd’s recycling portfolio to include the processing of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal.

Pearce Recycling Company Ltd operates from St Albans and services public and private sector customers with their recycling requirements in the South East of England. It already complements Timberpak Ltd’s existing locations in the North East, Yorkshire and Scotland, and the increased capacity will allow the company to further support its customers.

Pearce Recycling Group Ltd, which focuses on fibre recycling and animal bedding production, based in Luton and Milton Keynes is not part of the investment and will continue to operate as normal.

Timberpak Ltd supplies the recycled wood it sources to EGGER (UK) Ltd, the largest user of recycled wood in the UK wood panel industry. EGGER (UK) Ltd uses this material to make chipboard products which are widely used in the furniture, interior design, and housebuilding industries.

Just like Timberpak Ltd, Pearce Recycling Company Ltd is a family-owned company, committed to making the most of recyclable material and championing sustainable processing that benefits the environment.

Mark Hayton, Director of Timberpak Ltd, said, “I am very excited for future growth and collaboration with the Pearce Recycling team. Having a presence in the South East is vital for Timberpak Ltd to further develop its recycled wood strategy in the UK, and our new partnership is a key milestone.”

“The partnership will help Timberpak Ltd capture even more wood directly from source, providing recycling opportunities for local businesses and authorities, as well as giving us the opportunity to broaden our portfolio of waste types, in particular our understanding of the markets for dry recyclables.”

Simon Pearce, Chairman of Pearce Recycling Company Ltd, said, “This new investment signifies a bright and sustainable future for both of our companies. We are committed to expanding our horizons and making a profound impact in the recycling industry, while serving our public and private sector customers in the South East of England.”

“We look forward to an exciting and prosperous journey ahead, capturing even more recyclable materials directly from source, broadening our portfolio, and championing sustainability in the recycling industry.”

For more information please contact Kate.Carr@egger.com