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Swisscom Store

Rapperswil (CH)

Bright presentation with a metallic look

EGGER developed a custom digital printing decor as part of the innovative shop concept.
Thanks to the attractive presentation of products, visiting the Swisscom Store is an excellent experience for customers. The display is on a sideboard with a unique metallic front panel. A metal plate with signs of use and weathering served as the template for the decor,
which was developed exactly according to the Swisscom concept with the help of the EGGER digital printing process. Especially desirable: The surface is durable, easy to clean and unlike metal, is not subject to electrostatic charging so that sensitive products are protected. The unique design was implemented in numerous Swisscom shops by the end of 2014.

Executed by:

Customer / builder:

Swisscom, Bern (CH),

Project leader:

UMDASCH Shopfitting AG, Oberentfelden (CH),

Construction period:

March 2012



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