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35 square metres studio exploited to its full potential

Micromax Studio, Bucharest (RO)

The design of small flats has always been a challenge, but in this studio the final result was surprising.
Small places like these emphasise the architect’s creativity and work in order to create a space both functional and cosy. The studio has been designed in such way so that the space is used to its fullest potential. The architect designed a studio by maximizing the available space. Even from the entrance area, the studio gives the impression of an expansive space because of the decision to cover the fronts with a mirror.

The dynamics is underlined by the play between empty-full of the volumes. From the point of view chromatic, W1000 ST9/ST38 Premium White and U963 ST9 Diamond Grey are used to open up the space and anthracite grey is used as an accent. The custom furniture uses practically every square centimetre and defines subtle and efficient the functions or every zone (sleeping area, work space, dining table and kitchen), the final result being the maximum comfort in the minimum space.

Product used:

Executed by:


Ștefania Bobaru, Bucharest, Romania


Euphoria Kitchen Studio, Bucharest, Romania

Illustration credits:

© Arch. Alexandru Prodan

Construction period:



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