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EGGER points the way with the new Floorline Assortment!

Floorline is no longer exclusively oriented solely towards different classes of quality; rather, Floorline is presented as an “All-Inclusive Assortment“ with a completely new concept.

The EGGER Floorline Assortment is more than just an update after a period of three years: the whole concept has been completely revised, enabling EGGER to highlight an expanded range of designs featuring classics, like oak, as well as extravagant novelties, such as metal and fantasy decors. EGGER is prepared to meet a wide variety of trends relating to living areas and interior decoration. The Floorline market image has been completely redesigned. The St. Johann-based wood-materials producer is placing particular emphasis on clarity and transparency of presentation. The entire product range has been subdivided into nine easy-to-understand product categories, each marked with a special symbol, facilitating client orientation and enabling the specialist trade to advise clients quickly and competently.


 Manuela Leitner

  • +43 50 600 10638