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Gastronomy concepts with rough charm

Hamburg (DE)

Aichinger exhibition stand

Industrial Style combined with inviting warmth
“Think in new ways, be bold, stand out” – Aichinger Ladenbau presented its shop concepts for the new generation of young, wild food specialists at the Internorga 2018 in Hamburg using EGGER products. U999 ST9 Black on the back and ceiling surfaces created the intended cool atmosphere. A distinct industrial character was created by means of material reproductions such as F311 ST87 Ceramic Anthracite
for the main part of the exhibition stand in a steel girder look and F641 ST16 Chromix Anthracite for wall cladding. The otherwise dark and cool stand design was broken up by showcase elements in the warm H1636 ST12 Locarno Cherry and the EGGER Dsign flooring EPD016 Concrete light grey. A wall installation, created using EGGER Flooring, made the food look even better.

Executed by:

Customer / Builder, Architect, Fabricator:

AICHINGER, Wendelstein (DE)


© Kim Nguyen

Construction period:

January to March 2018


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