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PRO Design flooring: The best of wood and design

Válassza a PVC mentes Design padlókat

The particularly versatile floor - EGGER PRO Design flooring

The PRO Design flooring fulfils all requirements, both visually and practically. It is wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, modern and environmentally friendly. This innovative floor covering with a unique SelfRepair effect is very well suited for all areas exposed to high levels of stress, commercially or privately. Given that the floorboards are only five millimetres thick, this modern design is ideal for renovations. The EGGER PRO Design Flooring can be installed by the professional either floatingly or glued full-surface, depending on the application. The expert will advise you.

Advantages of EGGER PRO Design flooring

  • Compact, comfortable, and easy-care
  • Robust and microscratch resistant
  • Permanently attractive due to the self-healing surface
  • Flexible in use: privately and commercially, even in wet rooms
  • Naturally wood-based and 100% PVC-free
  • Skillfully installed by a professional in all rooms
SelfRepair effect

Experience the SelfRepair effect here

Healthy and 100 % PVC-free

Floorboard formats of the Design flooring for arranging your living space

  • Large 1,295 x 243 mm

EGGER PRO Design flooring is produced in Germany and is made of 70% wood fibres. Even the synthetic components are free of harmful substances and contribute to a healthy indoor environment.

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