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News> ISEGA biztonsági nyilatkozat az EGGER számára

ISEGA biztonsági nyilatkozat az EGGER számára

EGGER OSB boards are not only ideal for wood construction projects, but are also suitable for high-quality packaging and transport aid. This robust packaging material is popular for use in the food industry, agriculture, and retail.

ISEGA Safety Declaration for EGGER

The OSB plant in Wismar has had the ISEGA Food Safety Declaration since 2008, and it was granted for the first time in 2012 to the plant in Radauti, Romania. According to the certificate, EGGER OSB boards may be used without restrictions to store and transport food that is usually washed or peeled prior to consumption, and may be in direct contact with it. The certification, incl. material check, has been renewed successfully every two years and ensures safety of use. The food safety declaration for the EGGER OSB 3 from Radauti is currently being updated and is valid until June 2021.

Download the ISEGA Food Safety Declaration: