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White Halifax Oak

H1176 ST37
  • Detailed view (approx. 27 x 18 cm)

    Detailed view (approx. 27 x 18 cm)

  • Close up view (approx. 60 x 37 cm)

    Close up view (approx. 60 x 37 cm)

  • Decor in use

    Decor in use


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  • H1176_37

    White Halifax Oak
Boje i karakter
Opis White Halifax Oak shows that even a striking oak with knots and cracks can receive an slightly Nordic character due to its very light colour. The varied colour interplay between white, beige and grey is open to all combination possibilities with uni colours. The dark crack in the decor image looks particularly well in combination with black or “Nearly Black” tones. The authentic character is popular in furniture and in interior design. Thanks to the XL format, meaning reduced repetition of cracks in the decor image, it can also be used on large surfaces and is enhanced by the synchronised surface ST37 Feelwood Rift.
Kolekcija EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019
Svijet dekora Premium Oak
Površinska struktura ST37 Feelwood Rift
Grupa dekora Wood Reproductions
Vrsta dekora Oak (Wood Reproductions)
Drvni dekor Linear
Smjer dekora Vertical grain
Razina svjetlosti Light
Detalji drvnog dekora Knotty