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Aluminij fino četkani

F502 ST2
  • Detaljan prikaz (cca 27 x 18 cm)

    Detaljan prikaz (cca 27 x 18 cm)

  • Pogled izbliza (cca 60 x 37 cm)

    Pogled izbliza (cca 60 x 37 cm)

  • Primjena dekora

    Primjena dekora


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  • F502_2

    Aluminij fino četkani
Boje i karakter
Opis The decor Finely Brushed Aluminium is the laminate variant of a finely sanded metal. In contrast with classic aluminium, it has a fine sanded pattern and also looks somewhat warmer, particularly in combination with warm wood or taupe tones. The texture ST2 Smoothtouch Pearl gives to this uni metallic a certain brilliance and makes it robust enough for all uses.
Kolekcija EGGER Dekorativna Kolekcija 2017-2019
Svijet dekora Worktop Finishings
Površinska struktura Smoothtouch Pearl
Grupa dekora Material Reproductions
Vrsta dekora Metal (Wood Reproductions)
Smjer dekora Vertikalno protočan
Efekt boje Pearlescent
Razina svjetlosti Medium
Ton boje Grey