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News> EGGER reports stable financial results for 2019-20 and optimistic outlook

EGGER reports stable financial results for 2019-20 and optimistic outlook

The wood-based material manufacturer closed the 2019-20 financial year with 2.83 billion euro ($3.09 billion) in sales (-0.4 %) and EBITDA of 424.4 million euro (-0.1 %).

direction du groupe EGGER

The EGGER Group Management with Walter Schiegl, Ulrich Bühler and Thomas Leissing (from left) reported stable key figures despite the start of the crisis.

The close of EGGER Group's financial year on April 30 came at a particularly challenging time. Overall, however, EGGER reported stable development of its key figures for the financial year 2019 -20. The Group generated revenue of 2.832 billion (-0.4% from the previous year) and EBITDA of 424.4 million euro (-0.1 % from the previous year). The EBITDA margin was 15.0%, the same as in the previous year. At 37.9%, the shareholder’s equity ratio is higher than in the previous year (36.8%). The 10,100 EGGER employees throughout the Group have made a significant contribution to this positive development.

“We are satisfied with our business development from May 2019 to March 2020. We have responded quickly to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions imposed to fight it,” said Thomas Leissing, spokesman for group management, overseeing finance, administration and logistics. “The economic effects of these factors are only reflected in our 2019-20 financial year for one month.”

Record sum invested

The EGGER Group is continuing with its guiding principle of "sustainable growth based on our own performance", and is still in a phase of very high investment activity, with a record investment sum of 531.4 million euro in the 2019-20 financial year.

Optimistic outlook for 2020/2021

Projections are currently difficult due to the lack of reliable forecasts on the development of the pandemic and possible further lockdown measures. Despite these uncertainties, EGGER anticipates stable development in the 2020-21 financial year. The EGGER Decorative Collection for distributors that launched in February 2020, the additional finishing capacities that were created, the further ramp-up of the plant in Biskupiec (Poland), and the start of production in Lexington, N.C. (United States) will all make significant contributions.

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