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OSB structural floor

EGGER OSB exp1 PS2  Tongue & Groove is a highly engineered flooring panel made of 3 layers of micro-veneers crosslaid and hotpressed using proven moisture resistant resins systems. Only fresh wood from managed forests is used and EGGER OSB is therefore free of contamination. 

The surface micro-veneers are up to 6-3/4” long and are cut from de-barked round wood along the fibre direction to maintain the inherent strength of the wood. Because of the superior alignment of the strands, EGGER OSB flooring panels have high mechanical stability.


  • Ideal solution for span-rated single floor up to cc-span 24 o.c,
  • Simple & easy flooring that outperforms in installation speed by it's accurate, self-spacing T&G profile
  • Low-emission panel perfect for use in domestic indoor environment


  • Manufactured under permanent external supervision acc. PS 2-18 by PFS TECO
  • Made from sustainably managed forests
  • Enhanced moisture protection
  • Nail grid pattern for 24" o.c.
  • Quicker and easier to lay
  • Self-spacing T&G profile along the 8' edge to avoid squaking problems
  • Low emission - no added formaldehyde (NAF)
  • Ships with protective side covers


All shown decors are reproductions.