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  • Lehrte-Aligse (DE)

    Loesdau Equestrian Sports

    A large selection of equestrian sports items installed on Aqua+ flooring

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  • The Nearly Black colour U599 PM Indigo Blue gives the kitchen an elegant character.
    Heiligenreich (AT)

    A kitchen design that convinces

    Elegance and naturalness harmoniously combined.

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  • The guest house consists of six interconnected hexagonal structures.
    Koblenz (DE)

    Residential honeycombs for the Max-Otto-Bruker-Haus

    In order to fulfill the wishes of its guests, the company for health consulting in Lahnstein (Germany) decided to build its own apartment building.

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  • It was completed in the summer of 2018.
    Seewalchen (AT)

    A wooden house with special insulation

    In Seewalchen am Attersee, an open and light-flooded single-family house was built over the last few years.

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  • The redesign of the Einhorn J Pharmacy combines design, tradition and regionalism
    Hagen (DE)

    Redesign of a Pharmacy

    The redesign of the Einhorn J Pharmacy combines design, tradition and regionalism.

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  • The overall design of the hotel is in line with the style defined by Marriott as Industrial Chic.
    Bucharest (RO)

    Hotel becomes a place of inspiration

    An elegance and natural finish characterise the design of this hotel in Bucharest's old town.

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  • A modern residential dream in blue
    Bucharest (RO)

    A modern residential dream in blue

    The architect has revealed the hidden potential of this apartment.

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  • The office area is designed in greyish tones with yellow accents.  © arh. int. Alexandru Prodan
    Bucharest (RO)

    Soft industrial style with a masculine touch

    Different tones of grey and blue in a modern apartment.

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  • A spacious and functional apartment. © Ștefan Popescu
    Bucharest (RO)

    Elegant and cosy atmosphere in a small space

    The charm of this apartment stays in the way the wood reproductions and the white areas are interplaying and creating a very cosy atmosphere.

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  • Delimited area within a studio
    Bucharest (RO)

    35 square metres studio exploited to its full potential

    The design of small flats has always been a challenge, but in this studio the final result was surprising.

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  • The shop has a seductive industrial look.
    Bayreuth (DE)

    A traditional company repositions itself

    A new workwear store with an industrial look.

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  • Natural grey and concrete harmonise perfectly with the fresh H3470 ST22 Natural Pine.
    Nuremberg (DE)

    Own "working world" for SOFiSTiK AG

    A feel-good atmosphere in a nutshell.

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