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A brand new look for the OMV filling station

Prague (CZ)

Combining modern grey and oak, the furniture helps to create a friendly atmosphere that welcomes every visitor to the OMV filling station.
The new VIVA 13+ design of the re-designed OMV filling station in Prague reflects the motto “energy for a better life”. The filling station shop makes use of brand new elements. Oak panels with the VIVA logo were installed on the walls and the ceiling strips which run around the entire perimeter of the shop. These create a striking new feature. The H1145 Natural Bardolino Oak

decorative material with the ST10 Deepskin Rough surface texture used on display shelves looks natural and authentic. This is thanks to the rough-cut and handmade elements. The natural colour of this oak goes well with the U741 ST9 Lava Grey decorative material and completes the harmonious design of the entire filling station. Due to its grey tint, the oak used on the furniture blends well with the green colour and emphasises the overall design of the interior.

Executed by:

Construction period:



MBG, spol. s r. o.

Customer / builder:

OMV Česká republika, s.r.o.


All shown decors are reproductions.