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Kitchen in Linz

Linz (AT)

The centrepiece

Today, a kitchen is a lot more than just a place for cooking.
Whether the heart of the home or the jewel in the crown - the kitchen often plays a distinctive role in exclusive design concepts. Matt surfaces represent superior value and are very popular. Penthouse kitchens in Linz (AT) illustrate the impressive effect these surfaces have on a room. Eng. Michael Haidvogel selected EGGER's premium surface PerfectSense Matt with the U727 Stone Grey decor creating a subtle look.

The velvety feel adds to the high-quality impression of the space. Frequently touched fronts remain clean, because the anti-fingerprint property prevents fingerprints.

PerfectSense Matt Lacquered Boards received a "Special Mention" at the German Design Award 2016 and "Best of Best" in the category "Products - Special" at the Iconic Awards 2016.

Built by:

Customer / builder:

Private homes, Linz

Planner / fabricator:

HAIDVOGEL möbel&design, Sankt Marien (AT),

Construction period:

June 2016




All shown decors are reproductions.