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EHC001 Natural Jacksonville Oak

Comfort flooring 8/31 Classic

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    room scene

  • Detailed view

    Detailed view

  • Matching skirting: L416

    Matching skirting: L416

EGGER Comfort flooring in a classic board format

Timeless oak with detailed knots and poresThis classic oak decor consists of fine pores and individual knots to give a detailed representation of the wood, but remains reserved and elegant overall.

Your benefits

  • Pleasant walking
  • Comfortably warm surfaces
  • More quiet than laminate, tiles, or parquet
  • Lightfast - no fading or discolouring over the years
  • Suitable for use with under-floor heating systems
  • Hygienic - anti-allergenic and easy to clean

    Warm, soft and quiet. The EGGER HOME Comfort Flooring is the ideal flooring for feeling good. Finished with two comfort layers made of cork, it creates a feel-good atmosphere at home right from the beginning.
    A pleasantly warm feelingThe floor feels pleasantly warm and cosy. This is not surprising, given that the flooring features approximately 40 million thermo-insulating cork cells which store air and heat. For those who like it a little warmer: The EGGER Comfort Flooring can also be used in conjunction with underfloor heating.
    Best experienced barefootJust take off your shoes and enjoy. The two elastic cork layers create a gentle, soft feeling, inviting you to walk barefoot. The perfect floor to protect the joints, for children to play on, or for a yoga session. Why not just sit comfortably on the floor and relax?
    Twice as quietAt last, it is quiet. The built-in underlay mat, made of natural cork, insulates impact sounds, while the Comfort top layer of the floor, which is made of cork, minimises the ambient sounds. This means the EGGER Comfort Flooring is much quieter than laminate, tile or parquet flooring. Ideal for a quiet environment in the bedroom, living room or the children's room, where things are often wilder. Or simply to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
    Feel good naturallyThe good news for all who want to enjoy a healthy indoor climate: EGGER Comfort Flooring is made up of 90% renewable raw materials, recycled cork and is 100% free of PVC and other harmful substances. We process only wood and cork from PEFC-certified forests. This makes it a sustainable alternative to pure wooden floors.
    A visual treat as wellThe photo-quality HD digital printing allows us to produce authentic wood decors and even extraordinary designs. To make sure over the years it still looks as beautiful as it did on the first day, the flooring can withstand strong UV radiation and does not fade.
    Always nice and cleanThe resistant surface reliably rejects dirt and can therefore be cleaned quickly and easily. Ideal for allergy sufferers and households with small children.
    The high quality of the EGGER HOME Comfort Flooring speaks for itself. For this reason, we provide a 15-year warranty for use in residential environments.
    EGGER Comfort Flooring. Feel good with all your senses.

    Article number 337610
    Collection EGGER HOME Comfort Flooring
    Aqua+ No
    Collection categories 8/31 Classic
    Style worlds Pure Nature
    Class of use 31 - for all residential applications with heavy use as well as commercial applications and public areas with moderate use.
    Thickness 8mm
    Format CLASSIC - Classic floor board
    Length x Width 1.292 x 193 mm
    Area / package 1,99 m²
    Surface Texture Deepskin - Striking texture with depth
    Chamfers no bevel
    Endless Optic none
    Sure-footedness none
    Guarantee 15 years
    Core board HDF swell barrier+
    Profile CLIC It!
    Quality seal Blue Angel - EGGER products have also earned the oldest and most well-known ecological seal of approval in the world: the Blue Angel confirms our commitment to an intact environment.
    Certification PEFC-Certified - This product is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. See for details.
    Eco-Label A+


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