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News> EGGER Flooring receives awards!

EGGER Flooring receives awards!

EGGER Flooring has been awarded by the German DIY magazine “Heimwerker Praxis”! The magazine examined our EGGER HOME Comfort Flooring and the EGGER HOME Aqua+ Laminate Flooring and was thrilled with the results!

The DIY and test magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” selected two products from our comprehensive range of products and subjected them to a thorough use test. The test products - our EGGER HOME Comfort Flooring and the water-resistant EGGER HOME Laminate Flooring - excelled during the test.

The EGGER HOME Comfort Flooring with the decor Halifax Oak EHC011 received a 1.4 grade after the test thanks to its appearance and to its functionality. The flooring specialists of Heimwerker Praxis were particularly impressed by the sound and heat insulation of the Comfort Flooring.

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Award for EGGER flooring from Heimwerkerpraxis

The second test product, EGGER HOME Laminate Flooring Natural Creston Oak EHL106, also passed all hardness tests and received the “Best of 2019” quality seal from Heimwerker-Praxis. The Natural Creston Oak, with its very structured decor and its natural brown tone, won over the flooring experts of the DIY magazine both visually and when it came to functionality. Just like other decors from our Aqua+ Laminate range, the test product gained points thanks to its water resistance and robustness. For these reasons, the DIY magazine counts EGGER Laminate Flooring as one of the best of 2019!

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