Authentic, Innovative Textures

It’s all in the details. By applying the most appropriate and innovative textures to our decor surfaces, we provide customers the ideal materials to create expressive designs that offer the natural feel and character of the original material—whether the inspiration is wood, metal or concrete.

Use our guide below to view our full line of textures.


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Wood textures            Feelwood              Matte & high-gloss

Woodgrain textures

A thoughtfully-designed texture provides the perfect extra touch that makes woodgrain reproduction stand out. Our woodgrain textures are created with matte-gloss effects, gently brushed pores, soft hollows or a natural appearance, assuring you will find the right look for your project.

ST10 Deepskin Rough

ST10 Deepskin Rough

An authentic texture ...

... for natural, striking, and rustic decors, well suited for solid wood reproductions.
Discover ST10 Deepskin Rough decors

ST19 Deepskin Excellent

ST19 Deepskin Excellent

Cut cathedrals ...

... combined with linear areas. The matte and gloss effects give the decor exciting dynamic yet natural overall appearance.
Discover ST19 Deepskin Excellent decors

ST12 Omnipore Matt

ST12 Omnipore Matt

A graceful distribution of wood pores ...

.... with varying size and depth, to give the surface a natural appearance. A light sub-texture provides a velvet touch.
Discover ST12 Omnipore Matt decors

ST22 Deepskin Linear

ST22 Deepskin Linear

Its tactile nature ...

... coupled with matte and gloss areas, gives linear and vivid wood decors a more natural effect and reflective appearance.
Discover ST22 Deepskin Linear decors


Feelwood provides a visual and sensory experience for a high-value appearance.. These deep textures are perfectly synchronized with the decor image using embossed-in-register (EIR) technology, to deliver an authentic look and feel that rivals solid wood or veneers—but with all the advantages of thermally fused laminate (TFL).

ST28 Feelwood Nature

ST28 Feelwood Nature

With an authentic feel, cracks and knots ...

... create the natural look and feel of real wood.
Discover ST28 Feelwood Nature decors

ST33 Feelwood Crafted

ST33 Feelwood Crafted

An interplay of matte and subtle gloss ...

... combined with softly brushed pore gives the surface a beautiful reflective nature, resulting in a natural look that shines with a pearlescent effect.
Discover ST33 Feelwood Crafted decors

ST37 Feelwood Rift

ST37 Feelwood Rift

Authentic ...

… like a solid wood surface, this texture features deep and tactile cracks that synchronize with the decor series Halifax Oak.
Discover ST37 Feelwood Rift decors

Matte and high-gloss surfaces

Decors achieve their strong effect when paired with the most appropriate texture.

HighGloss (HG)

HG HighGloss

A smooth surface for laminate…

...with exceptional gloss levels especially well-suited for solid colors.
Discover HG HighGloss decors

PerfectSense Matt (PM) / Topmatt (PT)

PM/PT PerfectSense Premium Matt/Topmatt

An ultra matte finish with a soft, velvety feel ...

... pairs with fingerprint and wear resistance in our PerfectSense Matt thermally fused laminate (TFL) and PerfectSense Topmatt laminate surfaces.
Discover PM/PT PerfectSense Matt/Topmatt decors

PerfectSense Gloss (PG)

PG PerfectSense Premium Gloss

A mirror-like, reflective surface...

... allows you to add a luxurious finish to any space.
Discover PerfectSense Gloss decors

ST14 Smoothtouch Sand

ST14 Smoothtouch Sand

An elegant, pearlescent texture …

… suitable for both solid colors and woodgrain decors to create a durable, easy-care surface.
Discover ST14 decors

ST9 Smoothtouch Matt

ST9 Smoothtouch Matt

A very natural feel ...

... perfect for solid colors as well as woodgrain decors. This texture follows the trend towards matte surfaces.
Discover ST9 Smoothtouch Matt decors

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.