Floorboards – how to find the right size!

EGGER Floorboards in all formats

The different board formats used for our flooring give every space a different effect. They shape the character of the living space and make creative statements.
If you want to emphasise the space, we recommend using floorboards with larger formats. Small spaces on the other hand can be enhanced using medium sized boards.
By using bevels you will reinforce the effect of the flooring selected. Matching skirting boards ensure an even more harmonious look.

Overview of the board formats used for our flooring types:

Format Laminate flooring Comfort flooring
Large floorboards for quick flooring installation

Kingsize – large floorboards

For large space our Kingsize format is also an ideal solution. The large flooring boards mean you will save a lot of time when installing flooring. In addition, the decors in this size unfold their full beauty, whether in flooring wood effects, stone or concrete effect, whereby our tile effects appear astonishingly original in particular.

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Wide floorboards emphasise the size of the space

Large - wide flooring boards

If your customer is looking for an alternative to the classic board format, you can recommend the innovative Large format. The somewhat wider flooring boards give new dimensions to the interior landscape and underline a generous spatial effect. Our country house decors in particular, suit this board format.

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Classic floorboards are suitable for any space.

Classic flooring boards

The largest choice of flooring colors and different effects is offered in our Classic formats. Thanks to their well-balanced proportions, these flooring boards are suitable for any space. With the variety of decors, you are guaranteed to find the right flooring design for your customer.

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Narrow floorboards for small, irregularly shaped spaces

Medium – floorboards in the narrow wood parquet format

Installing flooring can be a challenge in particularly small and irregularly shaped spaces. For these areas, our narrow Medium format represents the ideal solution. The bevels reinforce the character of the floorboards.

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Bevels give the floorboards a special look

Once the flooring colour has been selected, we use longitudinal, centre or all-round bevels to emphasise the floorboards. Bevels underline either individual floorboards or the row. To protect the edges, we add a waterproof varnish.

4-sided bevels

4-sided bevels on floorboards

Tile effect

Tile effect on floorboards
The all-round bevel emphasises each individual floor board .

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Additional bevels milled onto the panels create a natural tile effect.

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All shown decors are reproductions. Color-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.

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