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Many factors affect the feel of a room. Selecting a decor that harmonizes with the color scheme can create the desired ambiance. The grain and texture of decors serve to soothe or enliven a space. Finally, that extra design element can be achieved by choosing the right floorboard format. Generous rooms are optimally accentuated by long, wide floorboards, while small rooms appear larger with short, narrow floorboards.

Wide floorboards emphasise the size of the space

Large - wide floorboards

If your customer is looking for an alternative to the classic board format, you can recommend the innovative Large format. This board produces the effect of space, and works well for country home decors.

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Classic floorboards are suitable for any space.

Classic floorboards

The widest variety of flooring colors and decors is found within our Classic formats. Thanks to their well-balanced proportions, these floor boards are suitable for any space. With the variety of decors, you are guaranteed to find the right flooring design for your customer.

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Bevels give the floorboards a special look

Once the flooring decor has been selected, we use longitudinal, centre or all-round bevels to emphasise the floorboards. Bevels underline either individual floorboards or the row. To protect the edges, we add a waterproof varnish.

4-sided bevels

4-sided bevels on floorboards

Tile effect

Tile effect on floorboards
The all-round bevel emphasizes each individual floor board.

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Additional bevels milled onto the panels create a natural tile effect.

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All shown decors are reproductions.

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