Underlays for more peace and quiet

Walk through the house quietly and enjoy warm feet … with the correct use of underlays, this is possible. The various products can reduce impact sound and be used in conjunction with underfloor heating and are suitable for use in wet areas. The ultimate in accessories for installation and underlays. A system-specific EGGER Silenzio underlay should be used with EGGER laminate and design flooring. Possible alternative underlays can be found at www.egger.com/flooring-information. For EGGER Cork+ flooring, the integrated cork layer provides impact sound insulation.

How to find the correct underlay:

  • An impact sound insulation system is important in large apartment blocks and also preferable in detached houses.
  • The Silenzio Easy version is quick to install and significantly reduces impact sound.
  • With the additional function of a vapour barrier incorporated with an insulation underlay, the Silenzio Duo product can also be used for installation in wet areas.
  • For warm feet on cold sub-floors, use the Silenzio Thermo insulation underlay.
  • Floor coverings can be protected from rising damp through other components with the Aqua+ Aluflex underlays.

Silenzio Duo – All in one

The Silenzio Duo underlay is the ideal insulation underlay as it also acts as a vapour barrier. This also makes the product suitable for wet areas and enables installation with underfloor heating. Details:

  • Pressure stability > 40 t/m² = CS 400
  • Impact sound improvement 17 dB (A)
  • Walking sound reduction 30%
  • Thermal resistance 0,04 m2xK/W
  • SD value = 75 m

Silenzio Easy

The Silenzio Easy underlay is ideal for sound reduction. This underlay also works in conjunction with underfloor heating. Details:

  • Pressure stability >11.0 t/m2
  • Impact sound improvement 18 dB (A)
  • Walking sound reduction 25%
  • Thermal resistance 0.057 m2xK/W

Silenzio Thermo

For a cold sub-floor, choose the Silenzio Thermo underlay. The thermal insulation effect protects against cold sub-floors and ensures warm feet. Details:

  • Pressure stability >9.5 t/m2
  • Impact sound improvement 22 dB (A)
  • Walking sound reduction 30%
  • Thermal resistance 0.143 m2xK/W

Aqua+ Aluflex

The high-quality vapour-barrier lining protects the floor covering from rising residual moisture from neighbouring components. A vapour barrier is essential if a laminate floor is installed on a screed floor. Details:

  • 1 roll = 26m²
  • SD value = 75 m

Aqua+ Alutape

When installing Aqua+ laminate flooring in wet areas we recommend the use of the Aqua+ aluminium tape as protection against moisture in the area of the wall juncture. This spacer and sealing tape also replaces the use of distance blocks therefore allowing for faster and more comfortable laying.