EGGER presents new laminate flooring

"Always up to date“: EGGER's new laminate flooring collection brings together a multitude of cutting-edge decors with technical innovations and comprehensive service.

For the first time, the global manufacturer offers the new EGGER laminate flooring collection 2015-2017 to professional fabricators exclusively under the name of EGGER. The choice to not use an additional collection name is a conscious one. In this way, EGGER underlines the advantages of its strong brand: wholesale, fabricators, and even end customers benefit from this clarity, the multitude of decors, and the comprehensive service of the collection. The market start takes place in September 2014, the introductory phase for retail runs until January 2015.

"The claim "Always up to date" means a promise to our customers that with this collection we will remain in step with the times from every point of view," says Michael Gerbl, Head of Marketing and Product Management for EGGER Flooring. Here he refers to service, the fact that decors are up to date, and ease of handling. These aspects guided the EGGER team when developing the collection as well as all advertising materials and tools used for it.

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