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How the local community benefits from EGGER

Benefits for local community

Working at EGGER

Working at EGGER
The EGGER Group employs approximately 9,600 people from 50 countries. EGGER’s staff is made up of one strong team with the employees feeling more like family and a group of friends than coworkers.
The employees identify with the company and its family values as proven by the time they stay with the company – an average of more than 10 years. This is a very high average, considering that some of the plants in the Group are younger than 10 years.

One of EGGER’s strategic goals is to be the most attractive employer in its respective regions. The company continuously invests in its employees and offers fair, stable and long-term employment opportunities. Moreover, the company greatly values individual development options and offers attractive career opportunities.

Cooperation with Local Businesses

Content Cooperation with Local Businesses

We are committed to contributing to the local community and economy by working with local suppliers and businesses. The facility will contribute to the regional economy through the purchase of wood byproducts from sawmills in and around the state, and through work with a range of local suppliers for additional services.

Land owners and loggers who search for a market for their pulpwood logs in the area will also benefit. If you are interested in working with EGGER, please reach out to moc.regge@xel-ofni.

A Responsible Neighbor

A Responsible Neighbor

EGGER actively participates in the development of regions where it operates. The Lexington plant will create approximately 400 jobs in its early stages, and the investment in Lexington will also lead to economic activation in the region to meet the needs of employees and their families who may be moving to the area.

Given that every community has different expectations and problems, EGGER always listens to the needs of the local community and takes them into account when planning its activities in the region.