Sifferlin kitchen

A space miracle on 1 m2

The Studio Design Sifferlin chose EGGER materials for its mobile kitchen concept.
The carefully thought-through compact kitchen concept offers on only 1 m2 enough space for worktop, rinsing sink, stove, oven, refrigerator and shelves. The innovative kitchen, designed like a cabinet, is both practical and resourceful. It looks attractive with its high-quality aesthetics, even when closed.

The Studio Design Sifferlin offer includes a comprehensive colour pallet from the EGGER range of products, allowing for the customised design of inside and outside elements. This fully equipped and efficient kitchen is ideal for private and commercial users looking for a quick and flexible solution but not willing to give up on functionality and design. The kitchen C=1m2 is well-suited for a busy modern lifestyle. Thanks to their high level of resistance, EGGER products are highly suitable for this unique concept.

Products used

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Studio Design Sifferlin, Strasbourg (FR),