Optician relies on gold

Lauchringen (DE)

Duo Optics

Elegant shop design with decors from EGGER.
Usually, a precious metal like gold is more likely to be found at a jeweller's. In the design of the optician Duo Optik, Poschmann Design also relied on the noble material and used EGGER products. The decor H3433 ST22 Polar Aland Pine in combination with the luxurious F365 ST16 Amarna Gold was used for the construction of sideboards, tables and counters.
The radiant W980 SM Platinum White of the display surfaces was also framed in in Amarna Gold. Together, these two decors are a clear and elegant eye-catcher, matching the eyewear designs on display. The texture ST16 Matex Plaster used for Amarna Gold has a plaster look, containing both deep and raw as well as smooth and glossy elements.

Umgesetzt von:

Customer / Builder:

DUO Optik, Lauchringen (DE),


Illustration credits:

© Martin Klank Photography & Mediaproductions


Poschmann Design, Premnitz (DE),


Construction period:

July 2017


All shown decors are reproductions.