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Dance floor

Vienna (AT)

Get ready for the world championship

With Cork+ flooring by EGGER, a riding arena at Vega-Payer-Weyprecht barrack was transformed into a modern ballroom dance hall.
The conversion into a ballroom dance hall used by the Austrian Military Sports Association for the world championship preparations and other competitions took place in the spring of 2015. The ballroom dancers themselves renewed the entire floor – from the subfloor to the surface.

For the dance area sized at 365 m2, a flooring was required with suitability for dancing whilst simultaneously protecting the health of the dancers. Cork+ has the necessary spring - foot and knee joints are not strained even with intensive, daily training. The EGGER décor EC2016 Odenwald Oak fit perfectly into the bright interior of the ballroom dance hall.

Products used

Executed by:

Customer / builder:

Österreichischer Heeressportverband, Wien (AT),


Self installed

Construction period:

May to September 2015