Feelwood: Looking good has never felt so good

Create the right impression with Feelwood, EGGER’s collection of exceptionally durable, fade resistant, easy-to-process and synchronised woodgrain decors.

  • Feelwood Halifax
  • Feelwood White Gladstone Oak
  • Feelwood Sepia Gladstone Oak
  • Feelwood Anthracite Mountain Larch

Feelwood in 3D


Never before have our decors looked so real. The name Feelwood hints at the visual and sensory experience that this product offers.

Thanks to the perfect coordination of these two features, Feelwood surfaces look and feel almost like veneer or solid wood. At the same time, they also offer the qualitative advantages of a melamine faced board.

The synchronised pore surfaces are available on laminates, particleboard and MDF boards, Eurolight lightweight boards, worktops and compact laminates. To complete the look, we offer an ABS end-grain edge band with the look and feel of sawn timber.


  • Fade and scratch resistant so therefore durable
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Authentic look and feel
  • Decor and material combination for implementing integrated space concepts
  • Book-matching at affordable prices
  • ABS safety edge banding and ABS end-grain edge banding in the same decor for a harmonious overall look

Explore Feelwood projects and unlock the potential to create outstanding designs.

NOTE: All our shown and mentioned decors are reproductions.