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Resource Efficiency

Resource efficiency

EGGER optimizes the use of wood. To achieve the maximum potential from raw material, we subscribe to the concept of cascading use.   We always choose material before thermal.

From the production of solid wood in the sawmill to the production of wood-based materials, raw material wood is fully utilized. All waste wood from the manufacturing process is used in our own operations for refinement processes, always achieving added value.

Only once utilization as material is no longer possible, waste wood and biogenic substances are used thermally to generate power and heat.

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Active climate protection

Active climate protection: Targeted use of wood and avoidance of emissions

EGGER uses wood throughout the value chain - this is particularly beneficial both economically and ecologically, and is the best option to maintain greenhouse gas balance. 

"During the project, it was calculated that the increased cascade use of wood is more favorable on the long term for the greenhouse gas balance than the increased immediate use of wood for energy generation. A long life cycle of wood products is particularly important in this respect"
  -- Dr. Peter Schwarzbauer, BOKU

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Biomass: Best environmental performance assessment in the case of utilisation cascade

Biomass: The best-case utilization scenario

If renewable raw materials are used prior to energy conversion, fossil resources are saved, greenhouse gas emissions are lower and value creation increases.

Wood should enjoy a longer value chain, first as building material or for the wood-based materials industry, and only afterwards as wooden pellets for energy generation. This cascade use should be the focus of a long-term strategy for resource efficient and sustainable biomass utilization.

EGGER follows an Ecological innovation policy – We generate more resource efficiency and climate protection through the sustainable material use of biomass.  The policy has been studied, and a summary can be found here:

Press releases about this study: