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Arctic Grey

U788 ST9
  • Detailed view (approx. 27 x 18 cm)

    Detailed view (approx. 27 x 18 cm)

  • Decor in use

    Decor in use

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  • U788_9

    Arctic Grey
Colour and character
Description Arctic Grey is a medium grey with blue content. It creates a strong cool contrast to woodgrains and together with certain materials, it can be used for tone-on-tone design. The texture ST9 Smoothtouch Matt strengthens the neutral character with a velvety feel.
Collection EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019
Colour & decor worlds Cool Greys
Surface Texture ST9 Smoothtouch Matt
Decor group Uni
Brightness level Medium
Colour level Medium
Colour Tone Grey
NCS S4500-N
Ral -
Pantone Cool Grey 7U
Note: All shown decors are reproductions.