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  • Natural light sources show off the matt-textured U999 TM28 Black surface particularly well.
    Aurach near Kitzbühel (AT)

    Matt-textured surfaces combine modernity and naturalness

    The advantages of PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered boards are convincing in modern kitchen applications.

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  • A uniform line is a common feature of the new concept by Elite Strom.
    Thessaloniki (GR)

    The new Elite Strom Branch is encouraging test sleeps

    The new interior concept from the Elite Strom branch in Thessaloniki (GR) was fully rooted in the brand identity.

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  • The U999 PT PerfectSense Topmatt Black decor provides the perfect contrast, which shows off the light-coloured inscription to excellent effect.
    Nantes (FR)

    Industrial style for a legendary brand

    A harmonious interplay between wood and metal renews the Harley Davidson showroom in Nantes.

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  • The new production hall of Holzbau Albert Manser AG was built within a year.
    Production hall Holzbau Albert Manser AG (CH)

    Modern wood construction for the future

    The new production hall of Holzbau Albert Manser AG in Gonten/Appenzell, Switzerland, was completed last autumn.

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  • Space models were built from rod elements.
    Space models HS Düsseldorf (DE)

    Sustainable wood construction project at Hochschule Düsseldorf

    The architecture students at Hochschule Düsseldorf actively use wood as a building material and learn about the versatile design possibilities of this sustainable resource in the course of a wood construction project.

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  • All the furniture in the office was made of melamine-resin-coated chipboard.
    Nizhny Novgorod (RU)

    A splash of colour in an urban office

    The bright illuminated sign at the entrance to the GLOBUS office in the centre of Nizhny Novgorod in Russia already hints at the company's values: Development, innovation and constant improvement.

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  • The Vicenza Oak decor was used throughout the house in various areas and applications.
    Toronto (CA)

    The facets of contemporary naturalness

    An all-rounder that meets all requirements.

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  • Grand Morillon Genéve Student Residence
    Geneva (CH)

    The student hall with a residential feel

    Situated between Lake Geneva and the Alps, the newly built student hall of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva is one of a kind.

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  • The numerous plants set green highlights and blend with the light Davos Oak to create a visual symbiosis.
    Moscow (RU)

    Good work climate thanks to a positive atmosphere

    A piece of nature in everyday office life The office is a company's business card. For the Russian supermarket chain VkusVill, this applies both to customers in the branches and to employees in the offices.

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  • A black environment – especially in the kitchen – reflects a cosy den of retreat.
    Stęszew (PL)

    Anything but colourless

    The kitchen is no longer just a room for cooking. It has become the centre of family life. Therefore it has been important to focus on a durable and timeless design when planning and designing a kitchen.

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  • The quality and variety of EGGER products were crucial in the planning of the retreat.
    Bangor (UK)

    Pampering paradise for the body and soul

    Eclectic, a luxurious wellness oasis for the body and soul, has opened a three-storey studio in the high street of the small but lively town of Bangor (UK).

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  • Coated boards in U961 PT graphite black beautify the walls of the diagnostic area.
    Fuschl am See (AT)

    A new face for sports diagnostics

    Top athletes from the world of soccer and skiing are regular guests at this prestigious physiotherapy facility in Fuschl am See (AT). Players of renowned soccer clubs and Olympic athletes let themselves be prepared here for peak physical performances.

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