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Anthracite Metal Rock

F121 ST10
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Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.

Colour and character

Anthracite Metal Rock displays the perfect fusion of stone character and metal appearance. The texture ST10 Deepskin Rough supports this rough character. Thanks to the brownish colour elements of the anthracite, it creates a harmonious contrast to wood and warm grey tones.

The Interior Match decor concept includes EGGER flooring with matching decors and colours, as well as furniture and interior design products. F121 ST10 has the same decor as the Design Flooring GreenTec EPD043 from the Egger PRO Flooring Collection 2021+. Find out more about the EGGER Interior Match decor concept:


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    Anthracite Metal Rock